GLMS Board of Governors


Board of Governors


Rob Zaring, MD, MMM, Board Chair & AMA Alternate Delegate

Wayne Tuckson, MD, President

Frank Burns, MD, President-Elect

Monalisa Tailor, MD, Vice President & KMA Vice Speaker

Brian Sosnin, DO, Treasurer

Valerie Briones-Pryor, MD, Secretary

Erica Sutton, MD, At-Large

Alexandra Maki, MD, At-Large

Jeffrey Goldberg, MD, At-Large

Thomas Higgins, Jr., MD, At-Large

Patricia Purcell, MD, At-Large

Christopher Jones, MD, At Large


Ex-Officio Members

Bruce Scott, MD, KMA President-Elect; AMA Vice Speaker & Delegate

Bob Couch, MD, KMA Secretary/Treasurer & AMA Alternate Delegate

John Roberts, MD, KMA Trustee

Eric Lydon, MD, KMA Alt. Trustee

K. Thomas Reichard, MD, President, GLMS Foundation

Sarah Moyer, MD, MPH, Director, Dept. of Public Health & Wellness

Toni M. Ganzel, MD, MBA, Dean, UofL School of Medicine

Karyn Hascal, President, The Healing Place

Debi McDonald, Alliance President


Read more about the roles and responsibilites of each board position here.