Enrolling as a participating provider with the many different payers can be a very time-consuming and frustrating process. Incomplete applications, neglecting to attach required documentation or failing to respond to requests for additional information can all lead to delayed or denied applications, resulting in increased costs to the practice and delayed reimbursement for the provider. Partnering with GLMS Provider Enrollment can ease this administrative burden so you can focus on other tasks, saving the practice time and money. Contact us today! 


The GLMS Physician Education and Practice Support Department will handle all the paperwork for initial enrollment and/or re-enrollment and track responses from each payer until provider numbers are obtained. Enrollment applications are completed and stored in our secure database. We attach all required documentation such as current licenses, CME’s, declarations pages, malpractice narratives, certifications, etc. to complete applications and then send it to the provider for signatures.  All services can be customized to fit the needs of your practice. 


Time frame: The amount of time required will vary but the average time needed is approximately 90-180 days. Note: Medicare will only backdate effective dates thirty (30) days from the date they receive an enrollment application and the effective dates for the commercial plans can vary. 


Pricing: Discounted rates for GLMS members. Prices vary based on the services requested. Email provider.enrollment@glms.org for specific pricing information. 
Note: For group options, 50% of eligible physicians in the group must be GLMS Members to receive the member rates. Application fees are not included as part of the prices given.



  • CAQH Profile Set-up and Maintenance
  • Commercial Insurance Credentialing
  • Medicare Enrollment
  • Medicaid and Managed Care Organization Credentialing
  • Collection and Verification of information provided by the physician for credentialing with third party payers
  • Completion of all applications for commercial payers, tracking the progress of obtaining provider numbers
  • Re-credentialing application and management
  • Medicare Revalidation
  • Medicaid Revalidation
  • Terminating providers from your contracts
  • Demographic changes


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For more information or to request a quote, email provider.enrollment@glms.org