1775: Founding of Settlement of Lexington: In June, 1775, a small group of settlers from Fort Harrod camped in the vicinity of what is now Lexington (near Lexington Cemetery). They named the new settlement Lexington to commemorate the Revolutionary battle at Lexington, Massachusetts (April, 1775.

1790s: Ten physicians practice medicine in Lexington

1797: Samuel Brown begins practice of medicine in Lexington (September, 1797). Members hold weekly meetings of the Lexington Medical Society.

1799: Lexington Medical Society Founded.

1800: Population of Lexington: 2,400.

1803: S.L. Miitchell (estimated age: 16 to 18), first known President of the Lexington Medical Society

1818: Benjamin Dudley elected President of the Lexington Medical Society

1824: Daniel Drake, President of the Lexington Medical Society

1830: Population of Lexington, 5,000.

1832: Lexington incorporated. Charleton Hunt is the first mayor.

1833: Hundreds of people in and near Lexington die. The myth of Lexington as a paradise of health dies.

1834: The Lexington Medical Society ceases to exist.

1848: A telegraph is established between Lexington and Louisville

1849: Cholera reappears in Lexington causing a number of deaths.

1850: Population of Lexington, 7,000.

1869: The Lexington-Fayette County Medical Society (January-July, 1869). The demise of the Society remains unexplained. No further records of a city or county medical society until 1882.

1882: Re-establishment of the Lexington-Fayette County Medical Society

1877: Saint Joseph Hospital

1882: The Lexington Herald challenges local physicians to revive medical excellence in the manner of their forbears.

1889: Good Samaritan Hospital

1891: Lexington and Fayette County Medical Society host the Kentucky State Medical Association

1893: Julia Washburn, first woman physician to practice in Lexington

Between 1894 and 1898: The Lexington and Fayette County Medical Society named the Fayette County Medical Society

1906: Fayette County Medical Society members contribute to fund for suffering physicians of San Francisco, following the earthquake.

1916: The Kentucky State legislature changes the name of State University to the University of Kentucky.

1924: Members of the Fayette County Medical Society number 90.

1924: The Fayette County Medical Society meets at the City Hall, the Lexington Cemetery, Good Samaritan, St. Joseph Hospital, the Lexington Brewery, LaFayette Hotel, Walter Cox's residence, and Phoenix Hotel.

1926: Medical Society dues raised from $7.50 to $10.00 per year.

1932: Medical Society resumes meeting at Good Samaritan

1937: Portrait of Daniel Drake purchased by the Fayette County Medical Society for $400.00.

1942: Medical Society turns down request to found a Medical Auxiliary.

1944: LMS Physicians serving in World War II


1947: First woman member of the Society, Josephine Hunt, retires.

1948: 156 members of the Fayette County Medical Society.

1948: Fayette County Medical Society Auxiliary established.

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