2016 Executive Committee

Executive Committee Minutes 2015

         Rice C. Leach, M.D.
         2015 LMS President

                            2015 Executive Committee     

1. President Rice C. Leach, M.D.
2. Vice President Richard D. Floyd, IV, M.D.
3. Secretary Treasurer (2 year term) Charles L. Papp, M.D.
4. President-Elect Thomas K. Slabaugh, M.D.
5. Vice President-Elect Danesh Mazloomdoost, M.D.
6. Past President  Thomas H. Waid, M.D.
7. Past Vice President David S. Kirn, Jr., M.D.
8.  LMS EVP/CEO (non-voting) Christopher M. Hickey

ex-officio: (these are at the pleasure of the president)

1. KMA President/AMA Alternate Delegate David J.Bensema, M.D.
2. AMA President Ardis D. Hoven, M.D.
3. Commissioner of Health  
4. Executive Dean, UK College of Medicine  
5. AMA Delegate Andrew R. Pulito, M.D.
6. LMA Alliance President Tracy Pate Colon
7. KMA Alternate Trustee  
8. AMA Trustee Steven J. Stack, M.D.
9. KMA Trustee Dale E. Toney, M.D.


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