Membership FAQ

Point of contact for membership is Cindy Madison, email at or call (859) 278-0569.

1. How do I obtain membership in the Lexington Medical Society/Kentucky Medical Association?
Answer: Membership with LMS/KMA can be obtained in several ways. You can go to our website and fill out the application online or print the application and email it to or mail it to the Society office, 2628 Wilhite Court, Suite 201, Lexington, KY 40503.

2. Whate are the different levels of membership?
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3. What is the cost of membership?
Active = $830/year (includes LMS/KMA)
In-Training = $40 (One-time fee for the duration of your residency)
Associate = $100/year
Life = will depend on eligibility
Student = Free
Honorary = Free
Special = $100/year

4. I currently hold memberhip in another county, can I still belong to the Lexington Medical Society?
Answer: Yes, you can become an Associate Member of LMS as long as you are an active member in good standing in your own county medical society.

5. What documentation should accompany my application?
Answer: Along with your application, LMS will need a current photograph for publication purposes and your LMS/KMA membership dues.

6. Can I attend Society events before I am approved for membership?
Answer: Yes, once you apply for application, you ae welcome to attend any Medical Socieety event. Once approved by the Society, you will receive a welcome packet with a letter stating your membership has been approved and other useful information.

7. What do I do if I retire from practice?
Answer: Pleae email (  or mail a letter stating your retirement request and date to the membership department. Your request will then be taken to the society for approval.

8. What other services does the Lexington Medical Society Provide?
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